Expert production of rubber and plastic components with advanced equipment

We have extensive experience in windshield camera brackets and covers for ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).
Our development and production system is based on tailor made cost solutions.

Through our consolidated experience in development of windshield ADAS brackets systems, we can support Customers to develop ADAS mounting brackets for short, medium, and long-distance vision from single to 3 cameras with and without defogging or defrosting systems.

Our R&D team has also implemented an “in mold co-injected” flexible heating foil for windshield ADAS cameras, that implement or replaces traditional heaters. This state-of-the-art solution offers the possibility to reach high temperature reducing defrosting time of the windshield also at low temperatures.

Alternative defrosting or defogging solutions have also been developed with PTC heaters (Positive
temperature coefficient) capable to reach required temperature and switch off without electronic control. PTC solutions can heat up to a certain temperature threshold, also called “switch-off temperature” in a range between 60°C and 105°C.

support our Customers for production of proto parts or mass production of components in rubber and plastic polymers | Vi-Technik
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