With a capability to support the Customer in-house or in our facility we are capable to provide a full range of services from design phase to validation phase. As support of Engineering Team of the Customer we are capable to cooperate as co-designer and as external consultant in quality management supporting during the project phase in P and D-FMEA, validation, production lanch, relocation and auditing. The department is equipped with advanced solutions for 3D measurement in blue laser technology on arms. Our expertise are focused on rubber and plastic trims like hestetical components, sealing elements, closure systems, vision and glazing components.





Registered office VI - TECHNIK s.r.l

at Polo Tecnologico
in Pordenone “Andrea Galvani”

Via Tolmezzo, 9 - 33078 San Vito al Tagliamento (PN) - Italy


SITE 1: Via Tolmezzo, 9 - 33078 San Vito al Tagliamento (PN) - Italy

SITE 2: Via C. D’Aguanno snc - 03030 Piedimonte San Germano (FR) - Italy

SITE 3: Istanbul Caddesi, Bursa, 16210, Türkiye

Tel:+39 0434 85054